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Inground Swimming Pool Permit Michigan

Another pool season is just around the corner. Az pools went to the Livonia Building department to pick up a new inground swimming pool building permit for a pool and landscape project in Livonia, Michigan. We went over several details with the livonia building inspector. The setbacks for the house, side lots and back lots. This home has an easement off the backlot and the pool installer must be aware of all the codes before applying for a new inground swimming pool permit.

The inground pool and setbacks need to be listed  and drawn on the mortgage survey for the inspector to review before a pool permit will be issued.  The  pool fence and gates are to be drawn on the survey with self latching gates . The  magna latch safety gate latches are the original and one of the best magnetic latches on the market .  We would be happy to show you what we can do!

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Inground Pool Permit Livonia, Michigan

Livonia, Michigan Building Department for Inground Pool Permits is a great site to check out alarms for any new pool project. The alarms that poolguard sells are inground pool alarm, safety Buoy pool alarm, door alarm and gate alarms.

The builder and fence company must follow all pool construction and fence codes. A door alarm will be needed on the doors to the poolside per  this city code. Be safe and enjoy the water!