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Az Pools a Michigan pool builder and installer promotes pool safety alarms

Az Pools and spas  is the elite inground custom pool builder in  Michigan . We  have  years of education in swimming pool chemistry, pool products and inground pool construction. Taking  care of pools for over two decades sets us apart from the rest. Our family has sold more pools than anyone in the state of Michigan since 1965. Many generations of pool families  and very happy customers.  We are very grateful for all the pool construction we have completed and the  new pool packages and projects  that we start each year. We are your pure michigan swimming pool installer and  pool design firm. Az Pools designs and builds gunite, fiberglass and steel wall liner pools  We are a  custom inground michigan pool builder that buys direct and passes our savings to each and every customer. We  have  a build your own backyard pool program for builders and homeowners. Give a a call  so we can go over this pool kit packages with you. Piece of mind when you buy from your  local pool distributor.

Today  we  wanted to share a site inspection with you and why safety always come first in our minds.

Az pools went out to do another site inspection in Clarkston, Michigan for a new custom inground steel wall liner pool. The backyard was a good size  and an 18 x36 will look great in this yard.  We are always happy  to meet each family and see the site for our  pool design plan.  The best part of the  inspection was being greeted by three little children in the backyard. They are  triplets and  just turned three this April 9th :-) The first thing comes to my mind is  safety and protection around the water and pool deck areas.

We decided to include a mesh safety cover and  pool alarm included on this pool quote.  Our  Michigan local pool supplier gave us a great deal on  some mesh safety covers for our spring specials in 2012.

This new  pool construction quote includes the mesh  safety cover  and includes an alarm  for triplets :)

Az pools promotes water safety  each time we enter a new  home site. Think safety first around  each and every swimming pool and spa project.

We would be happy to show you what we can do for you!  Call Az Pools at 734-717-7665

pool safety alarms

Family with pool alarm

Live :)  Love :) Swim :)







Michigan Inground Swimming Pool Decks & Ideas

We decided  to post up this pool deck ideas video. The pool deck video shows different types of pool decks and options for your viewing.   The  deck design is jut as important as the flavor and icing  on a beautiful wedding cake. The tasteful and elegant finish  always stand out in the end . The difference is that what you see is what you get and it is something you will need to really live with after the color choices and pool deck texture has been installed  in your new inground swimming  pool project.

It is very important to keep a nice flow around the pool. We need to see what the needs are of each customer and always keep the backyard pool and landscape budget in mind.  This helps us design with you in mind . We  never will  over sell a pool deck for  a few extra dollars in our pockets.   An oversized deck  can take away from the beauty of the pool and water features.  Over design can give  the pool deck area a  hard commercial pool look.

Colors choices and styles make a pool stand out from the rest. Every inground swimming pool  can have a nice  flow with the a beautiful finish around the water focal points.

It is always about keeping a nice flow around the inground pools and selecting the right pool deck products for our customers taste and lifestyle.

Our Michigan climate and weather helps us make certain choices in pool decks.  Several  pool deck options with a good vision in exterior choices will give an inground pool a special flair that  brings the pool installation to a  five star level.

We have the best of the best team  when it comes to pool deck design, installations and the quality applications. Our pool deck products and choices include pavers, exposed aggregate and stamped concrete around swimming pools, patios and landscape areas.

Az Pools & Spas has the best inground swimming pool concrete, exposed aggregate, stapmed concrete and paver installers in Michigan. We know who is who when it comes to pool decks . We can see the  detail in workmanship around the pool decks.

Detail in design around an inground swimming is our specialty. Our eye  for pool design sets us apart from the rest. We are the number one choice in elite building of swimming pools and decks  for over twenty years.

We would be happy to show you what we can do for you!



Michigan Wholesale Pool Contractors / Buy Fiberglass inground swimming pools


Az Pools offers a variety of the best of the best of swimming pool manufactures products and supplies  that have been in the inground  pool building and construction industry  for many years.  Each of the elite manufacturers has  over twenty five years of success in the pool industry with special awards and honors from  manufacturing and customer service. We are happy to to educate each customer on the top manufacturers and craftsmen  that are on our best of the best of  list of inground swimming  pools. The best of the best  features elite manufacturers, craftsmen, builders and suppliers of inground pools and spas from fiberglass, gunite and custom vinyl liner pools

Inground fiberglass pools, gunite  and steel wall vinyl liner pools are the three types of pools being  built in Michigan  for several decades.  Each type of pool has many styles and shapes to choose from.  One of the oldest and leading leading inground fiberglass pools  is located  in the USA and has several branches to serve the Midwest- Michigan  fiberglass pool installers.

We wanted to start with one of the elite manufacturers  of inground  fiberglass pools. To  educate about quality pools that have weathered  the years in the pool industry. The first time we took a look at a superior manufacturer of inground fiberglass pools it was San Juan Pools.  San Juan fiberglass  pools  has been in business since 1958. San Juan craftsmen assemble each fiberglass pool with extreme detail using the best material and the latest technology. Here is a list of San Juan best features. 1. handcrafted, corrosion resistant fiberglass construction. 2. Satin-smooth, non porous finish. 3. Manufactured in the highest quality controlled environment and delivered to your home.

Please contact us to get more information on San juan’s inground fiberglass dream gallery. The dream gallery featuring over 9,000 photos showcasing  inground fiberglass pools.

The creativity and innovation makes San Juan Pools one of Michigan’s leading  choices for an inground fiberglass pool . The fiberglass pool manufacturer of five- star customer satisfaction

Inground Swimming Pool Permit Michigan

Another pool season is just around the corner. Az pools went to the Livonia Building department to pick up a new inground swimming pool building permit for a pool and landscape project in Livonia, Michigan. We went over several details with the livonia building inspector. The setbacks for the house, side lots and back lots. This home has an easement off the backlot and the pool installer must be aware of all the codes before applying for a new inground swimming pool permit.

The inground pool and setbacks need to be listed  and drawn on the mortgage survey for the inspector to review before a pool permit will be issued.  The  pool fence and gates are to be drawn on the survey with self latching gates . The  magna latch safety gate latches are the original and one of the best magnetic latches on the market .  We would be happy to show you what we can do!

Call  Az Pools for a pool site inspection  today- 734-717-7665 (pool)

Inground Pool Permit Livonia, Michigan

Livonia, Michigan Building Department for Inground Pool Permits

Poolguard.com is a great site to check out alarms for any new pool project. The alarms that poolguard sells are inground pool alarm, safety Buoy pool alarm, door alarm and gate alarms.

The builder and fence company must follow all pool construction and fence codes. A door alarm will be needed on the doors to the poolside per  this city code. Be safe and enjoy the water!