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Swimming pool builder in Novi Michigan

This Novi Michigan inground swimming pool imovie video lets you see what Az Pools can do for you!  Many details went into this inground swimming pool design build project in Novi Michigan. We cut into the slopes to build an inground  roman shape  swimming in this  Novi backyard.  The slide is a great feature when the family & baseball team comes home after a  game at the park. The family build this pool to share with others .

The  patio and deck area was designed for plenty of room to move around the pool area. This safety feature is an automatic pool cover on the pool. When everyone gets out of the pool the automatic pool cover is closed . This keeps the area secure and safe. A great safety feature to add on to a new inground  swimming pool project.

The novi baseball team comes over and enjoys a swim after a hot day in the sun playing ball.  It it a nice way to share the water and your gifts with others .  Many adults that grew up with swimming  pools  remember all  the summer  memories around the backyard pool as children and want to have a swimming pool to share with family and friends. It is a great way to spend the summer hot days and cool off after a day at work.

Many great memories on a hot 90′ summer days by the pool.  We always have  family and friends around our pool every summer . The swimming pool brings everyone together and  gives joy to all around the water

Have a great summer and thanks for checking out our new pool video from Az pools.

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Salt water pools

Salt water pools are becoming increasingly popular throughout the midwest.  If you’re first hearing about salt water pools, you must be wondering why anyone would want to have ocean water in their backyard.  When people talk about salt water pools, they’re talking about the means by which they deliver the disinfectant chlorine into the water.  Using salt provides a safer and arguably more pleasant backyard swimming pool experience.  The water actually has about the same salt content as the human body.  This is why you’ll occasionally hear salt water pools referred to as saline.

By using salt, an owner is able to eliminate almost all of the handling of toxic chemicals that come with dealing with chlorine.  Using a salt system, a pool owner adjusts a dial to the generator, rather than pouring chemicals into the pool.

Many say that the salt water is friendlier to the skin and eyes.   One thing is certain, although it is possible to balance pool water with chlorine so that it is unobtrusive, but it’s much easier with a salt system.

This technology is still advancing too!  Magnesium chloride and sodium chloride are now being introduced which feels even better on the skin and is good for surrounding plants.

The initial set up is slightly more expensive, but the money you save by buying fewer chemicals and the time your family has with a constantly well balanced pool has more and more customers choosing the salt water system option.